Thursday, October 6, 2011

Finding Buried Treasure

Most items in my shop come from a very unusual thrift store outlet. At this outlet all items are placed in large bins and you have to "dig" through them to see what is in them. For the majority of people this is a chaotic and unmanageable way to shop; however, for me it is exciting and all about sorting the good from the bad and the process of searching for "buried treasure"!

Every item imaginable can be found in one of these bins at one point or another. My latest find was a pair of cowboy boots that were covered in mud and straw. I scrubbed them with saddle soap and added a little mink oil and Ta Da! They are stunning! My favorite part of re-homing items like these boots is that you cannot buy new items that just ooze with history and character like these boots do! Granted they are in need of new soles as the one sole has a hole in it; even with that they are still a spectacular pair of boots.

Worn Mason Brown Leather Cowboy Boots - Mens 9.5